Build Article - Sepecat Jaguar A Kitty Hawk 1/48 (part 5)

The tail end of the fuselage featured bare metal.
Here I am using my preferred metal paint; Alclad II Chrome and Aluminium.
These are lacquer paints, so plenty of ventilation is essential during airbrushing.
The Alclad is airbrushed onto a base coat of gloss black. This is recommended by Alclad, which serves to produce a “deeper” shine.
Next, I added a little bit of flat black into the airbrush cup, mixed into the Alclad, then airbrushing thin layers of darker shading onto the separate panels.
Masking was done by holding a piece of thin card over each section.
Prior experience has shown the Alclad can be marked if I applied adhesive masking tape on them shortly after initial application.
Here’s the engine temporarily fitted in to see the overall effect.
A gloss coat has been applied (AK Interactive acrylic gloss varnish). This serves to protect the Alclad paint from the subsequent masking. I will mask this area off before painting the main camouflage colours.