Product Review - All-in-one LightBox for Photography

LightBox Singapore sells a foldable table-top light box for product photography.


  • Plug & Play Lightbox
  • Powerful Pure White LED Strip
  • Shadow & Glare Reduction
  • Use Custom Backdrops
  • Collapsible & Portable
  • Super-fast Setup
  • Power with a mobile charger, power bank, or even laptop
  • FREE Carrier Bag included

Protected by a 3-Month Warranty and shipped to you for FREE!

Their 40x40cm model retails for S$57.00 on their online shop.

The carrier bag is made from sturdy material, with a carrying handle and is secured with a zipper.
Enclosed are the lightbox, two pieces of foam backdrops and a short micro-USB cable.
Enclosed are the lightbox, two pieces of foam backdrops and a short micro-USB cable.
A close-up of the provided backdrops.
The lightbox is made from lightweight plastic material, and folds down for easy storage or transportation.
Fully opened.
Each side-flap has magnets embedded, to make for quick and easy assembly.
The built-in LED lighting strip provides bright and even illumination.
Fully assembled.
The top circle is a covered opening which can be used for straight top-down photography of flat objects, like a watch face.
Micro-USB cable connected to the LED lighting strip.
The LED light can be powered simply with any USB power or powerbank.
This makes for a truly portable mini-studio.
The 40x40cm size readily accommodates a 1/35 M109 Howitzer.
Strong and even illumination.
A Real Grade 1/144 Gundam fits nicely too!
Where it gets cramped is when we try to fit a 1/48 scale F-4 Phantom.
But with some careful cropping, we still get useable shots.
The 1/35 BRDM-1 fits easily here.

No more fumbling with vanguard sheets, blu-tack and table lamps, this portable and convenient lightbox should be the first choice for scale modellers who want to present their masterpieces in the best light possible (oops, pun).

Review sample kindly provided by LightBox Singapore.