Build Article - Sepecat Jaguar A Kitty Hawk 1/48 (part 8)

An unfortunate accident with a bad SD-card reader caused me to lose one set of photographs taken of the painting phase.

As of now, the 2-tone upper camouflage has been airbrushed, and sealed under a gloss varnish.

Here the pitot tube has been glued on, fared in with some putty and painted.
The tip of the vertical stabiliser has been painted black.
I’ve also tried applying some of the decals, to see how they behave. They are thin and do not need any softeners to adhere properly.
The undersides of the wings were masked-off and airbrushed with Alclad II aluminium.
I unmasked the wheel wells to check if there were any paint leakage. All’s well.
The hydraulic hoses were brush-painted black and silver according to reference photos.
At this stage, I glued on the windscreen, masked off the clear bits and applied some putty along the bottom edge.
Repainted the camouflage colour around the windscreen
The HUD was replaced with a thinner piece of clear acetate.