F/A-18C Hornet “Chippy Ho” – Academy 1/32

F-18C Hornet - Chippy Ho F-18C Hornet - Chippy Ho

P1180814 P1180815 P1180816 P1180817 P1180818 P1180819 P1180820 P1180821 P1180822 P1180823 P1180824 P1180826 P1180827 P1180834 P1180835 P1180836 P1180838 P1180839 P1180840 P1180841 P1180843 P1180845 P1180847 P1180849 P1180850 P1180851 P1180852 P1180853 P1180854 P1180855 P1180856 P1180857 P1180858 P1180859 P1180861 P1180862 P1180864 P1180865 P1180866

P1180811 P1180812

The underside of the picture frame, showing the foam supports and battery holder


P1180868P1180872 P1180873

One of two metal pins that supply power through the main landing gear tires when the Hornet is placed on the base


P1180874 P1180875 P1180876 P1180877 P1180879 P1180880 P1180881 P1180882 P1180884 P1180885 P1180887 P1180888 P1180889 P1180890 P1180891 P1180893 P1180894


Here the model is raised slightly to show the pin-socket connection that supplies electrical power for all the lighting




Here’s a video showing the front landing light being tested

This video shows the full circuit being tested on the bread-board

The completed model, with blinking strobe on the vertical stabilizers