21 Mar

Build article – Sepecat Jaguar A part 6

To avoid knocking off the delicate photoetch bits, I’ve delayed putting them on until the bulk of assembly is done.

Here the vertical stabilisers have the two p.e. parts attached.

The Jaguar does not have traditional ailerons for roll control. The top spoilers to control roll are supplied as photoetch, and attached here in the raised position for visual interest.
The “fence” mid-way along the wing is also glued on now.IMG_8991

Several dorsal antennae too.IMG_8992

The previously-painted metallic parts are now masked off using Tamiya masking tape (with liquid mask to seal off any potential gaps)IMG_8989

The engine covers are glued on. When the upper seams harden, I will glue and clamp the sides to close up the gaps on the bottom.

Clamping mostly did the trick, although some areas needed some Perfect Plastic Putty.

There was a step that needed two applications of putty to even out. The Perfect Plastic Putty dries fast, sands easily and can be rescribed over with little effort.IMG_8998

Note the rescribed and re-rivetted areas.IMG_8997

Here’s a shot showing the closed-up rear area.IMG_8999