07 Mar

Build article – Sepecat Jaguar A part 3

I have to admit, the main attraction of the Jaguar to me, was the beefy landing gear.

While Kitty Hawk did a commendable job of moulding them, I sought to boost the realism by adding the hydraulic lines.

These were done using stretched sprue, following reference photos found online.

Here’s the front landing gearIMG_8963


Here’s a montage showing the process on the main landing gear


This kit’s parts breakdown require assembling the landing gear before I can close up the fuselage halves. These will have to be masked before painting the fuselage colours.   IMG_8976


The kit wrongly supplies two APU exhausts for the airbrake bays.

The starboard side should be a refuelling port. This was made using scrap plastic, cut and shaped.



The port side bay has the APU exhaust installed.IMG_8980