23 Feb

Sepecat Jaguar A – Kitty Hawk 1/48 (build article) part 2

More wires were added, then the avionics were base-coated in interior green. This was mixed from Tamiya Olive Green (10%), Yellow (90%).


Then the boxes and wires were brush painted with Vallejo Model Colors.


The instrument panel, side consoles and bang seat were similarly brush painted. A pair of red wires evident in my reference photos were added using stretched sprue.





The spine of the Jaguar has a NACA air inlet, which was moulded closed. I cut off the moulded bit, opened the inlet and blanked of the bottom rear with a piece of plastic stock.



This is how the cockpit looks when dry-fitted together. Some minor clamping will be required duing the fuselage gluing phase.


21 Feb

Sepecat Jaguar A – Kitty Hawk 1/48 (build article) part 1


I started this project in February 2015, intending to finish it in the desert scheme (7-HN, EC 01/7 Provence, Armée de l’Air 1994)

Refer to the kit information page over on ScaleMates for reviews and after-market products.

The kit comes with a fret of photo-etch, with parts for the instrument panel, side consoles and seat belts.



The photo-etch seat belts were nice, but did not include the lap belts. I searched for reference photos of the Martin Baker Mk 4 seat, and added more details using Tamiya masking tape strips.

Additionally, I replaced the over-sized ejection pull ring using stretched sprue. The missing top pull-ring was also added.



Here’s the seat primed and base-coated in black, ready for brush painting.




This kit also features an avionics bay.
I added some cabling and wires for visual interest. Some “artistic liberty” was taken here.